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Managing this info becomes increasingly vital when an account covers multiple locations or buildings with different street addresses. In the NocTel system, an e911 address is associated with a phone number. Once the address is provisioned to a number it can be assigned to any extension using the emergency widget located on each extension’s options page. If your account has only one emergency address, a default address for the entire account can be added to the general setup section located under Account Preferences.

It is imperative that account administrators take the time to ensure they have not only added the correct addresses to the account but that they are linked to the correct devices as well. e911 information is used by emergency authorities to dispatch - a wrong e911 address associated to an extension placing a 911 call could result in assistance arriving at the wrong destination exacerbating emergency situations.

NocTel provides a feature which allows you to check and verify the 911 address associated with an extension directly from the handset.  Dial *11 and our systems will inform you of the address that will be reported to dispatch in a real emergency.  As an added bonus, NocTel will also send a test notification to the emergency contact on file, so you can ensure your notifications are properly received by the parties that may want it.


Configuring an e911 Address to a Number

  1. Login to the NocTel control panel and click on Numbersin the main menu.
  2. Select a number from the list in the account and click on it. NocTel recommends that you add the emergency address to the main number for the location.
  3. Click on the Emergency Address Tab.
  4. Use the Add a New Emergency Address section to input the e911 address. 
  5. Click Submit.  

Once you click submit, the request to link the address to the number is sent to our team. The NocTel team then provisioned the address to the number; this process is usually completed within 60 minutes of receiving the request.



An address only needs to be linked to one number within the account. If you have multiple numbers that are used at the same e911 address, the address only needs to be linked to one number!


Using a Provisioned e911 Address

Once an address is provisioned to a number, it can be assigned to any extension within the account. Assigning the emergency address to an extension is independent of the assigning an extension's caller ID. 

  1. Login to the NocTel control panel and click on Extensions in the main menu.
  2. Select a extension from the list in the account and click on it to open the extension’s options page.
  3. Locate the Emergency widget and click to expand it. If the widget is not visible click on the gear icon in the upper right to unhide the advance options.
  4. From the expanded list click the correct emergency address that corresponds to the physical emergency address of where the device is located.
  5. Click outside the widget to save the selection.


 Assigning a Default e911 Address for an Account

If the devices within your account are located at the same physical emergency address, you can use the following method to set a default emergy address for the account, once an address has been provisioned.

  1. Login to the NocTel control panel and click Account Preferences > General Setup
  2. Click on the Phone System Tab.
  3. In the Location Settings section use the drop-down list next to Default E911 Emergency Address, to select the correct address to use as the default for the account.
  4. Click Submit to save the changes.