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  1. Connect the base to an active internet connection and power. Connect the charging base for the handset, install batteries in the handset and place handset on the charger.
  2. On the handset click the center button and then enter #[5][3][4]. Toggle the embedded web server to on. The phone will beep to confirm the selection.
  3. Return to the main screen, click the center button of the handset, and enter #[5][0][1] and make a note of the IP address given.
  4. Navigate to the IP address in a browser on your computer, by entering the IP address in the address bar.
  5. When prompted enter admin for the username and adminpass for the password. Click Sign In.

  6. Inside the web portal, click the Maintenance tab located on the top

  7. Click on the Provisioning Maintenance in the left-hand menu.

  8. In the Standard File URL field enter the following:{mac}.cfg

  9. Hit Save and wait for it to say complete.
  10. Ensure that the provisioning as taken effected by clicking on the Telephone tab, (It can sometimes be slow, be patient). The portal will ask you to log in again. This time use the username: admin and the password: 8675309. You may have to enable the web server on the handset again, using the #{5][3][4] code. You should see the extension numbers set as the phone numbers for the handsets.
  11. Close the web portal and test inbound and outbound calling for the handset. 


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