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Below are the fields and descriptions of the LDAP Integration options that are located in the NocTel Control Panel under Account Preferences -> LDAP Integration.


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LDAP Integration: Turns on or off the phone integration with the LDAP server.


TCP/UDP, Port & TLS: Depending on your LDAP server, you can select different transports, port and whether to encrypt the connection using TLS.   Typically this is configured as TCP/389 for unencrypted or TCPTVP/636 -for TLS for encrypted connections.

Login User & Login Password:  These are the credentials that the phone will use to authenticate with the LDAP server.   For Microsoft Active Directory, the User is typically in the form DOMAIN\User or User@Domain.The credentials used will differ based on your system and its setup. We recommend using the following format: CN=<value>,OU=<value>, ... ,OU=<value>, DC=<value>, ... ,DC=<value>. The format follows the form “attribute=value,”.

Where CN is the relative distinguished name of container, OU is the Organization Unit and DC is the Domain Component. The OU and DC attributes will need to be included/excluded as they fit your LDAP environment. 

Background Sync:  This is normally enabled to allow the handset to update it’s its database every certain number of seconds.  3600 is the default, and default and is sufficient for most installations.



Scope: Include Subtree sub-tree will search all child OU levels below the Base DN specified below.  Flat will only search that specific OU.