Flow Contact Center

Regardless if your organization operates large geographically dispersed contact centers or maintains a handful of small contact centers, NocTel and our contact center software as a service Flow can provide the proper solution for your needs.

The Right Features for Any Time and Day

While fully functional and easy to get working within minutes out of box, Flow can be widely customized to suit your organization’s contact center operational needs. Some of Flow’s notable features in addition to common contact center features include:

  • Web-based front end portal for consistent access across workstations and mobile
  • Agent flagging for supervisor assistance
  • Agent skill and skill proficiency definition
  • Skills-based best fit ACD of queued calls
  • Agent call recording
  • Remote agent accommodation
  • Queue overflow support
  • Display or submit associated caller information to/from agents to/from CRMs via Screen Pop
  • Customize the interface to display information to users with Spark Lines
  • Custom definable user groups and permissions
  • Powerful reporting engine to create and share reports, wallboards, and dashboards for specific individuals and audiences
  • Simple and advanced report creation making reporting accessible to users of all proficiencies
  • Robust documentation to encourage you to do more with Flow

See the Features page for a complete list of all you can do with Flow.

Always Know

With Flow’s Spark Lines feature, defined metrics will always be displayed to the relevant users when logged into Flow. What metrics to display and to whom can be selected ensuring the right individuals know the right information at all times.

For agents, valuable information about callers can be displayed as calls are received using Flow’s Screen Pop. Caller information can be populated through pre-agent menus as well as taken from CRM. Likewise, information back to a CRM can be submitted by the agent in a similar manner.

Supervisors and managers are given views summarizing the state of contact center operations at a glance with most relevant activities being actionable from the same view. This includes quickly viewing agents that are online and engaged with customers or who are idle, agents that are present but not available on break or lunch, and agents that are otherwise offline.

Powerful Reporting for Actionable Insights

Nearly anything in NocTel Flow can be leveraged by reporting to create not only custom KPI reports, but also tailored reports to evaluate how effective changes in operation are in practice. Flow also supports a wide variety of standard contact center KPI reports that can be leveraged out of box or further customized to suit your organization’s needs.

In addition to reports, Flow also allows users to create their own dashboards and wallboards for metrics and status relevant to individual needs and to larger audiences. Every report in Flow can also be easily exported to most popular formats for sharing or separate business analysis.

However, if business analysts prefer to consolidate sources, external sources can be plugged into Flow allowing reports and dashboards be created, published, and shared with the same consistency of Flow’s data.

Make It Yours

With the flexibility and customization options with NocTel Flow, your contact center can accomplish more in a way that best suits your preference. With a quick get started out of box experience and the ability to customize operations and information, organizations of all sizes, volumes, and variety can optimize the quality and efficiency of their contact centers.

Not just your contact center operational requirements are unique – your environment is, too. NocTel, as a standard practice, works closely with customers to ensure the underlying environment for the solution meets requirements and smoothly integrates with the environment. Additionally, NocTel performs follow up inquiries periodically with customers – typically on-site – to ensure the delivered solution is still meeting expectations.

If you would like to speak or correspond with us about NocTel Flow, you can reach us via phone at +1.503.764.4300 or email us at sales@noctel.com.