Algo 8188 Paging Speaker

The Algo 8188 is a PoE Wideband IP ceiling speaker designed for voice paging, notification alerting (e.g. safety, security, emergency events, OSHA, etc.), and background music. This endpoint registers as a SIP device into NocTel’s cloud-based VoIP environment. The speaker is suited for air handling spaces in a drop ceiling (UL2043) such as schools, hospitals, offices, etc., or used in a suspended application such as retail. The 8188 supports RTP multicast, Polycom Group Page and Syn-Apps SA-Announce. Any number and combination of Algo IP speakers, paging adapters and strobes can be used in a multicast for more comprehensive large scale enterprise or campus deployments. The 8188 supports full zoning capabilities. Talkback is supported, and ambient noise monitoring for automatic volume control of the speaker based on background noise levels.

Wideband G.722 codec (HD voice) support in the speaker provides optimum speech clarity and intelligibility. Voice paging and emergency announcements can be easier to understand with wideband, particularly in a noisy environment. The super-wideband frequency response enables music quality far superior to narrowband IP or transformer coupled analog speakers. Wideband audio capability is helpful in meeting OSHA requirements as well as the NEMA SB-40 2010 standard for emergency communication in education. To support the reference to the intelligibility requirements of NFPA 72, the 8188 speaker was measured to have a STI-PA intelligibility score of 0.95 in an office environment at 70 dBA level with ambient noise of 49 dBA.


  • Superb audio clarity and intelligibility
  • Network managed and supervised SIP and multicast endpoint
  • PoE (802.3af) for plug and play network connectivity – no additional amplifier is required
  • Eliminates narrowband FXS port or ATA
  • Multicast to scale from one to many speakers
  • Multifunctional speaker for voice paging, playing music, emergency notification alerting and bell scheduling applications
  • Compatible with all varieties of Algo speakers, paging adapters and strobes for more comprehensive alerting solution requirements
  • Reduce deployment and maintenance costs — the NocTel Control Panel makes the Algo 8188 speaker simple to deploy, and easy to administer, upgrade and maintain
  • Excellent capability for playing background music

NocTel provides exceptional support of the Algo-series paging products including HD quality paging and fully automated provisioning.

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