We don’t care for trying to glean every little detail about you for something you’re not okay with – that’s crummy and we’re not data brokers.  NocTel respects your data and privacy, but there are often reasons we request or require various types of personal data. We’d like you to trust we’re doing the right thing, but it’s not exactly easy if we can’t explain what we’re doing with your information. This page will walk you through how we collect, store, handle, and share personal data in plain language – we’re not fond of overly complicated terms and explanations, so we’re willing to bet you aren’t either.

As an existing, potential, or former customer/end user; you have the right to object to data collection and processing that occurs on your personal data at any time. Objection to data collection and processing can be voiced by contacting NocTel Support via phone, written notice, or a ticket submission sent to For objections sent via email, please include your organization’s name and “Objection to Data Processing” in the subject line. If you object to data processing in response to an email received by NocTel for direct marketing, the objection will be processed expediently and without question.

Policy changes may occur frequently into the future. Privacy is an important but big topic affecting us all that generally never stays put for very long. This page is intended to provide as much detail as possible without being exhaustive. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.