Why NocTel

VoIP technology has been around for decades. NocTel was hardly the first and is certainly not the biggest. Companies like Vonage, Fonality, ShoreTel, Jive, Mitel, and Integra are all national names that sell hosted voice service. Even Comcast and CenturyLink are jumping on board with offering hosted voice service despite it being outside their specialty. What is NocTel doing differently?


First, NocTel offers consolidation of services. With a locally managed system, every problem usually consists of a cascading and laborious routine of contacting each vendor for troubleshooting. This means contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your telephone company, your hardware vendor, and any contractors used for maintenance. Then you’re stuck in a situation where providers will deny responsibility and point the finger at another service you subscribe to. Even if you already have a hosted system this can be a persisting issue. With NocTel, you have one point of contact, 24×7 support, no long wait times in queue and staff always ready to help.

Hardware is acting up? Call NocTel, we’ll fix it. Service interruption or difficulties? Call NocTel, we’ll check your connection so you don’t have to.


A hosted solution with a web interface makes connecting multiple locations extremely easy – the way it should be. Regardless of geographic location, your entire business can be on the same account with seamless transfers between extensions. Setting up new phone numbers and new extensions is done with the click of a button.


Our engineers have over 20 years of experience in the network engineering industry. We’ve learned to listen to our customers and create features fitting their needs. Our customers include school districts, broadcasting stations, car dealerships, regulatory bodies, non-profits and many others. We provide robust, reliable solutions for organizations regardless of who you are and we’re always ready to listen if there’s something we can do better to for your organization’s needs.


Supplementing our robust features and reliability, NocTel’s pricing structure aims to turn heads. We may not be a national name, but NocTel is often able to reduce monthly costs by 50% or more for organizations – even those that already subscribe to VoIP. How are we able to do this?

1.) Polycom Hardware

NocTel is a proud partner of Polycom, which has an industry leading offering of VoIP handsets ranging from desk and conference phones, to even large venue systems. NocTel strategically chose this partnership because of Polycom’s ability to continually innovate the features of the future at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Handsets include features such as touch screens, integrated web cams, and native Skype for Business integration. As a partner, NocTel is able to offer their hardware at an even better price to our customers. Additionally, we fully support Polycom devices for provisioning and operation so you can have the peace of mind knowing that NocTel service + Polycom hardware = Nice.

2.) No Maintenance or Licensing Fees

Contrary to other service providers, NocTel does not believe in these fees since there is no value to our customers. As NocTel is a VoIP provider, there are no physical lines that require maintenance that would be typical of a landline-based provider. Additionally, why would we make customers pay for the ability to do business with us through licensing fees? That mindset is entirely backward: NocTel is grateful to each customer who chooses to trust us with their telephony service, and in return, NocTel works to provide service that continues to exceed your expectations. If it’s not valuable to you, it’s not something you’ll ever have to worry paying for.

3.) Web-based Management Portal

Hosted service is Internet-based so it makes sense that the management of your devices, numbers, extensions, and accounts should also be online. We don’t believe in charging our customers for expensive software like some companies and instead provide a web-based control panel and account management system that comes standard for all of our clients at no charge.

4.) No Up-Selling

It’s your service and it should be what you want, not what a service provider asserts you need at a higher cost than you expect or want. Up-selling is another business practice we simply just don’t believe in. Our customers getting great service at a great price is what we care about whether you have 10 extensions or 10,000 extensions.


We offer all the same features you’re used to and plenty of extras at no additional cost: call routing, call forwarding, conference calling, call transferring, hunt groups, and more. Every organization has different needs for their voice system – some will make full use of NocTel’s features, some will use just a handful. No one pays extra to have access to NocTel’s full feature set. We won’t overwhelm you with the full list, but for the brave, you can find it here.

Something missing that could make the system more flexible and robust? Drop us a line – we’re all ears.

Customer Service

We want our customers using our service extensively, so when you have issues that are big or small, it bums us out. To ensure you’re using our service to its fullest, NocTel offers 24×7 support to every customer as part of their service with NocTel.

If you’re having problems with getting your handset set up just right, faxing is being a bother, or anything else is keeping you from making the most of your service, drop us a line through any of the communication channels from our support page – we’re happy to help.