Product Roadmap

Many components within the NocTel system have been built on customer requests and recommendations.  This roadmap is where our customers can help us to select what new feature to develop next!  Suggest new features you’d like to see in our upcoming releases.

Display invoices
Display full invoice history in NocTel Control Panel

16-line appearances
Add 16-line appearances for large Polycom model VVX600 and VVX601 handsets

Add new customer reports
Top talkers (minutes and cost) by class, Monthly summary (minutes and cost) by class.

Voicemail transcription
Transcribe voicemail recordings into text prior to emailing attachment

Call recordings
Server-side call recording capabilities

Contact Center Solution
Agent, queuing and reporting capabilities

Auto-reload balance for pre-paid customers
Automatic refilling of accounts that drop below a certain threshold

Create API Keys
Allow users to create NocTel API keys

Allow setting up and managing automatic payments for invoiced customers

Remove old voicemails and faxes
Age out old stored content such as voicemails and faxes that have not been deleted from the Control Panel

Text Messaging
Allow businesses to text message client cell phones from control panel

Allow handsets to make an outbound telephone call by clicking a phone number on their computer

Autoload audio files
Automatically loading audio files from a remote web or FTP server based on a user defined recurring schedule

Recently Completed Features:

Zeroizing an extensionCompleted 2017-09-04
Reset an extension to defaults. Useful for a new school year or a new employee. This feature will: Default all extension settings, delete all voicemails and faxes owned by the extension, delete all recordings owned by the extension, clear speed dials, reset the inbound behavior, remove the extension from all classes, remove the extension from all hunt groups.

Keep local Polycom settingsCompleted 2017-07-10
Save locally-modified Polycom settings back to NocTel so that they persist between handset reboots

Conference CallsCompleted 2017-05-22
Allow setting up of a conference bridge within the NocTel Control Panel

Name DirectoryCompleted 2017-05-22
Search for users in the system by organizing the users into classes, speaking their name, selecting from duplicate names that are found and connecting to their extension.

Day/Night ModeCompleted 2017-05-18
Created an Adjustable Toggle feature that can be changed from a telephone call or via the Control Panel interface. This allows users to have pre-configured buttons on their phone which can change the state of inbound call routing.

Device timezonesCompleted 2017-05-12
Extend the timezone support to be per extension instead of per account

Billing groupsCompleted 2017-04-25
Allow customers to create billing groups and assign them to individual telephone numbers and extensions. This is now done using the extension and number Class Assignment.

Search call logsCompleted 2017-04-11
Search the call logs for an account based on source number, destination number, call direction, date/time range or duration.

Add new Polycom handsetsCompleted 2017-03-16
Add provisioning support for newly released Polycom handsets VVX201, VVX301, VVX311, VVX401, VVX411, VVX501 and VVX601

IP PagingCompleted 2017-03-22
Support for IP multicast paging to/from Polycom handsets. Support for Algo Paging speakers.

To request new features, please email a description of your proposed feature to