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Transfer to Trunk – Used to transfer the inbound caller to a SIP trunk.  This is used for tying in existing PBX systems to NocTel’s dialplan, phone lines, and call routing services.

Wait - Instructs the system to wait a number of second seconds determined by the user before going to the next step. Usefully when wanting to give the caller time to input a selection, such as with a menu system.


Perform Next Step Only If… - Used with a schedule within the account to perform a task based on if the call happens inside or outside of a scheduled time period or based on a call variable that was set previously during the call. (NOTE: Variables are limited to a MAX of 8 characters.)

 … And Also - Used with “Perform Next Step Only If..” to added another action the call should take only if the most recent “Perform Next Step Only If..” was performed.