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  • NocTel highly recommends reviewing the SIP device user guide and manuals. The manufacturer should provide a guide on provisioning or connecting the SIP device to a VoIP network.
  • If possible use the device's web interface to enter the SIP information. Often an option on the device must be enabled to access the web interface.
  • All the info provided on the NocTel control panel (SIP Host, SIP User ID, and SIP Password) must be entered on the device in order for it to connect.
  • Terms used may be different depending on the maker of the device. For example, the registrar could be used for host.
  • Once the device has been connected with NocTel, the status of the device should be active in the control panel. Check the device by making an inbound and outbound call.


Printable PDF - Adding Unsupported SIP Devices.pdf

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