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Step-by-step guide


  1. From the NocTel control panel, click on Numbers
  2. Click on the blue link - Add New Numbers
  3. In the Add a Number screen you can select a number from your geographic region as well as others and even Toll-Free.
  4. Once the purchase of the number is successful you will need to setup an extension to route the fax number to.
  5. From the NocTel control panel click on Extensions and then click the blue link - Add a New Extension
    1. If you want to receive faxes by email and not to a fax machine then select - Virtual Extension
    2. If you want to use NocTel with a Fax Machine, you will need to select Fax Machine Adaptor
      1. This option requires an accessory called the Fax Machine Adaptor, available for purchase under the 'Phones" tab.
  6. Once in the Extension screen you will want to click on the Pencil icon which will allow you to enter an extension number and name.
  7. Press the blue Edit link next to Inbound Behavior:Ring+Voicemail
    1. This will show a list of steps that the extension is configured to walk through my default.  
      1. Click the X next to Step 2
      2. Use the drop down for Step 1 and select - Receive a Fax and press submit at the bottom of the window.
  8. You can select the Caller ID field to choose if you want a number displayed on outgoing faxes or leave private if you want that left out.
  9. If you would like to receive Email Notifications you can enter the desired email address to receive faxes notifications.
    1. You can check the box below the email address field to receive the fax as an attachment in the notification email.
      1. Note:  Faxes larger than normal may be blocked by some email systems.
  10. Below the settings area will be the inbox, this will be where the faxes will appear when received.
  11. Next we will need to link the fax number to the fax extension.
  12. From the NocTel control panel, click on Numbers.
  13. You will see your new fax number in the list and in the Routed To section it will show 'none' in red.
  14. Click on the fax number
    1. There will be a drop down box next to Route to Extension, select the desired fax extension from this list and press submit.
  15. Now your fax setup is complete.



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