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Often, businesses have team members move around working at different sites or different desks depending on where they are needed for the day. With legacy phone systems, this typically resulted in one person having several extension numbers.  This can lead to the front desk not knowing which phone they should ring to connect a caller.

With NocTel you can give several phones the same extension number and have them all ring together, so you know the call will reach the team member.

Setting up a Dual Phone Extension:

  1. Create each extension as normal, using each device’s MAC address.
  2. Give each extension matching extension number and name.
  3. Create a Hunt Group and add both extensions to it.
  4. In the inbound behavior for each extension, set Step 1 to “Ring a Hunt Group” and select the hunt group that was created above.
  5. Set Step 2 to “Leave a Voicemail” and chose the same extension on all of the inbound behavior, in the hunt group.
  6. Now when that extension number is dialed all of the person’s phones will ring.

In the situation where there should be one or more individuals who can respond to calls intended for an individual who may not be present at the location being called - so not limited to the individual in question - the steps described above except the steps describe above should be repeated for as many team members as there are that should see calls coming into the extension of the person being covered for (minus the individual themselves).

This pattern can be applied to creating line appearances across team members to ensure calls intended for a team member who may not be present or available to take the call can be responded to and guided appropriately.

Printable Version - Dual Phone Extension.pdf