Pricing Comparison

NocTel’s cost estimate and pricing comparison weighs and compares the annual costs for several well-known telecommunication providers and divides them equally into 12 monthly payments for a consistent monthly pricing breakdown.

Many companies utilize pricing models that may include surprising and unwelcome additional costs like maintenance and licensing fees. Transparency is something NocTel strongly believes in and, as such, we try to make cost as easy for our customers to understand as possible. We strive to create a strong bond with every organization we work with and the key to that is trust.

It’s important to note these costs are not exact for the listed competitors. Prices may vary based on availability of public information, geographic location, organization size, level of usage, discounts, contract terms, and other additional factors. We highly encourage you to collect a more detailed cost estimate directly from our competitors and share it with us so that we can continuously improve this tool. If you have an interest in service with NocTel and contact our sales engineers, we invite you to bring up your estimate as a point of reference when determining your needs and costs.

Information on Monthly Recurring Costs (MRC)


The algorithm calculating the MRC for Jive was determined using information found on their website and within their public contract with the Oregon Educational Technology Consortium (OETC). The contract lists MSRP price next to their contract discount. In Jive’s case, the factors considered are the cost per device, which is the cost for each individual extension with unlimited usage, and the cost for each phone number the organization has. From their website, their information is as follows:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
1-4 Users 5-9 Users 10-24 Users 25-49 Users 50-100 Users
$29.95 / device $25.95 / device $23.95 / device $21.95 / device $19.95 / device

For more than 100 users, Jive requests that you contact them for special pricing. Through review of some public RFPs, the lowest price we were able to find quoted for 100+ users was $16 / device, so that is what we put in the algorithm for 100+ extensions. Each phone number is $1 at MSRP.

Taxes, surcharges, recovery fees, and anything else is NOT included in these costs and can often be quite significant. This following screenshot is a sample bill Jive included in one of its proposals:

As you can see, the required regulatory fee amounts to nearly an extra 10% on their bill. This extra fee was not included in our estimate algorithm because it varies so much, but is certainly worth keeping in the back of your mind.


The algorithm calculating the MRC for Ednetics was determined using information found on their public contract with OETC. The only factor that affects price for Ednetics appears to be the cost per device which is likely all-inclusive of the phone number and unlimited usage. The table below lists information from the contract.

50-99 User Tier 100 User Tier 250 User Tier 1000 User Tier
$35 / device $30 / device $25 / device $20 / device

The contract didn’t list a price for below 50 users so our formula left it steady at $35 to give them the benefit of the doubt. Another line item on the contract was titled, “Managed Voice monthly network access for 50-99 user tier” which was priced at $500 / month. It would seem this would apply an additional $500 charge to accounts with less than 100 users. As we weren’t entirely sure of this, we elected not to include it.

We were unable to determine whether taxes, surcharges, recovery fees, etc. are included in these costs.


The MRC for Comcast was determined using information found publicly on their website. Price again is at cost per device and is as follows:

1-9 Phones 10-19 Phones 20+ Phones
$44.95 / device $39.95 / device $34.95 / device

As more information wasn’t readily available, these are the only prices that we were able to use in our formula. Comcast lists these prices on the same page as a section with “included features” and “add-ons” which infers that additional features available by other providers at no additional cost will cost extra with Comcast. As exact charges weren’t listed for these add-ons, we did not factor them in.

The per device cost is all-inclusive of everything from licensing, support, unlimited usage, and phone numbers. NocTel was unable to determine whether taxes, surcharges, recovery fees, etc. are included in these costs.


NocTel determines monthly costs for our customers through a combination of three factors: the number of phone numbers you wish to have active for your account, the number of extensions used within your organization, and the overall call usage. Taxes, surcharges, recovery fees, licensing, basic support, etc. are included with these costs. Bulk discounts are also applicable and automatically calculated within the estimation formula. For more details on these discounts, please contact

Though our pricing structure is a bit different than some of our competitors above, we can make some assumptions to see what a NocTel cost per device would look like. We’ll assume in this case that every user would want a phone number and usage on their phone is relatively high at 270 minutes per month (average usage with a NocTel device is ~75 minutes):

1-99 Users 100-249 Users 250-499 Users 500-999 Users 1000+ Users
$14 / device $11 / device $8.90 / device $5.45 / device $4.70 / device

As you can see, NocTel offers consistent, great rates for organizations of any size. We don’t charge hidden fees and we don’t charge extra for “premium features”. We were able to achieve this price point through efficient use of resources and optimization of services targeted to the ways our customers use their phones.