NocTel History

Like many businesses, NocTel started with an observation that sparked an idea. In his experience providing technology consulting services getting IT infrastructure established, Cory Schruth realized businesses with multiple locations had limited reasonable options for telephone systems. Some were almost prohibitively expensive due to hardware acquisition costs. Others carried heavy associated charges recurring each billing cycle. Several had both traits.

With reference to residential telephone service providers and the success they’ve enjoyed, Cory had a strong hunch a similar solution had potential for businesses. The observation that sparked an idea grew into a plan: Work with each customer on an individual basis to adapt their network for VoIP service that can be configured and managed through a web interface. Action followed soon thereafter and the developed system was soon hosting phone systems for a number of customers in Oregon.

As further development on the web-based control panel to manage and configure devices continued, the response from customers signaled Cory’s idea for an affordable, effective, and flexible business telephone system was well-founded. In 2011 NocTel Communications, Inc., a Washington-state corporation, was born. With the influx of new customers, NocTel could not continue as a one-man operation and NocTel grew from one to a handful of staff. By 2015, the continued growth and success of NocTel lead to Cory’s decision to make the business his foremost effort and priority. Through the interactions, successes, and feedback of each customer to date, Cory came to understand each existing and new customer deserves and requires full attention to provide the right solution.

2016 marked a drastic milestone when NocTel was awarded an Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (OETC) contract in a competitively bid RFP for voice services. With education customers subscribing and realizing the full benefits benefits of a more cost-effective, easily maintained system, NocTel came to more deeply believe a service does not exist to be a vehicle for profits. Services exist to allow people, organizations, and communities to do more. Services exist to be utilized by many and therefore should not be exorbitantly priced or be constrained to the circumstances of today. With this business ethos in place, NocTel began to envision itself as a part of the community getting to know each customer, their needs, deliver their solution, and always be available to help out.

January 2017 US Customers

Current US Customers

Today the team of employees and contractors keep NocTel running according to these business principles making sure current customers’ voices and feedback are always received, while growing operations, customers, and the community. NocTel’s customers today include school districts, government agencies, non-profits, real estate offices, financial advisors, local business centers, radio stations, and multi-tenant offices around the world. NocTel’s skilled team of system integrators and solution partners have extensive professional experience across the spectrum of today’s leading voice and network technologies.

NocTel’s business is SIP, VoIP, and related technologies, but our speciality is providing customers a unique solution allowing them to focus on their organizational goals.