Reasons to Switch to VoIP for Business

A small business can benefit greatly by switching to Voice over Internet Protocol communications or VoIP communications. A company such as NocTel can benefit a flourishing business in a number of ways. The following are the top reaons that you may want to try VoIP as a business owner or executive:

VoIP Cuts the Business Budget
A reliable VoIP plan can save a small business money. The business can receive a ton of features and benefits for one low price. An example of a VoIP plan is the Business Professional plan that costs only $10 month. The Business Professional plan includes one phone number, one free number port and 150 months per minute. The Business Professional plan is perfect for a small business that is just getting its feet off the ground. The highest plan that a NocTel offers is $90 a month, and it includes five numbers and 2,000 voice minutes per month. The $90 plan is better for businesses that have been operating for a few months. We also include A la Carte options for businesses that need additional phone numbers or minutes.

VoIP Allows You To Be Mobile
Another benefit of having VoIP communications is that it allows the business to have mobile employees. The company’s salespersons, repair specialists and event executives can go out in the world and be ambassadors. They can communicate with other people with their mobile phones, tablets and laptops at any time.

VoIP Is High Quality
The improvements that companies have been making to VoIP over the years have allowed it to be one of the most reliable types of communication that one can imagine. The call quality of VoIP communications is uncanny. Many personal users and businesses are switching to VoIP because they can receive such a high number of features for their small monthly contribution.

Modern VoIP plans consist of features such as voicemail, call forwarding, call screening, E911, international calling and voicemail. An answering service can also be utilized to allow the company to take calls from its customers even when no one is available to answer.

NocTel also provides customized caller ID names, toll-free numbers, number porting services and the like. An interested person can speak with a specialist about a plan that could suit his or her business as early as today. The number to speak to a specialist is 503-764-4300. A specialist can perform a breakdown of the plans today.