HD Fax Into The Future

NocTel’s HD Fax technology is exactly what they’re talking about! Faxing does still exist, and we’ve made it even better than they imagined. Check out our HD Fax features. And happy “Back To The Future Day” this October 21, 2015!

VoIP Long Distance Service for Small Business Owners

Poor communication can make or break a company. In the past, small business owners had to rely on landlines for local and long distance calls. Using a landline to speak with clients in different countries is expensive. Fortunately, a VoIP phone service can reduce the costs of long distance phone calls.

The Importance of Call Quality
Call quality can seal or break a business deal. Business owners expect clear and fast calls. Since VoIP service utilizes the Internet to make calls, a high-speed Internet connection increases the speed of long distance calls. Call quality has greatly improved thanks to advancements in VoIP technology.

Keeping Track of Long Distance Calls
We know the importance of keeping track of long distance calls. Our service allows you to audit your call logs. The information can be used to find a plan that meets your needs. Our customer service agents are always available to help you upgrade or downgrade your existing plan.

Plans for Small and Large Businesses
Our small business mobile plan is perfect for many business owners. The plan includes thirty standard minutes per month. Our business professional plan offers one hundred fifty standard minutes, and it comes with one free number port. Our business premium plan includes one thousand standard minutes, and our enterprise plan includes two thousand standard minutes.

Hardware and Software Options
Our phone systems are equipped with a wide range of hardware and software. You can expect your phone to have call forwarding and voicemail features. Our equipment is suitable for stationary and portable use.

We have phone plans suitable for large and small businesses. When you contact NocTel, a knowledgeable representative will help you choose a plan and an installation date. Make the switch to a VoIP phone today, and you can start enjoying clear calls at an affordable price.

NocTel’s Answering Service Brings Small Business Customer Care to the Next Level

In today’s marketplace, your customers operate 24 hours a day. Does your business have the size and service you need to keep up with them? For reasons of pure overhead, most small businesses are not in a position to answer customers’ inquiries around the clock. Unfortunately, missing even a single call could cost you an important account.

If you own a small business and have limited staff, it’s time to think about NocTel’s answering service. An efficient answering service is exactly what small businesses need to compete with their larger rivals in a world of “always on” customer service.

Let’s look at some of the key benefits:

Customers Know They Can Rely on You
If someone has a problem with your products or services, how long will it take them to learn about a solution? Although nobody likes having to call support, the availability of immediate answers is taken for granted by many customers. With an answering service, customers will know your brand is always there to support their needs, making it less likely they’ll look for alternatives.

Customers Keep Moving Through the Sales Cycle
In many industries, especially in the B2B space, customers often place a call to get information about how your solutions might help them. They are unlikely to spend time and effort trying to connect if the first opportunity fails, so an answering service keeps them from slipping through the cracks. That could contribute thousands to your bottom line in every quarter.

Calls Contribute Valuable Data to Your Improvement Efforts
When your business can field a higher volume of calls, you have the opportunity to get more information about your customers’ needs. This is exactly the kind of data the fuels continuous improvement and gives you the opportunity to capitalize on your enterprise’s unique strengths. Consider an answering service part of your optimization and cost reduction efforts!

At NocTel.com, we offer all of the following answering services:

  • Basic
  • After-Hours
  • Overflow

With a plan customized to your needs, NocTel’s services integrate seamlessly into your customer retention strategy. Our professional, experienced and courteous customer service professionals will go the extra mile to learn about your business and understand the best way to connect with your callers. This eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming internal hiring.

Call or email our team today to discuss how we can help.

Call Routing Services Available Through NocTel.com

Whether you’re a small business or a nationwide company with offices in the Pacific Northwest, chances are your offices could benefit from NocTel.com’s Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephone service. Whether you need to keep track of your incoming and outgoing calls, forward calls to another employee, or simply want multiple phone lines, NocTel.com offers a variety of services designed to help streamline communication in your office.

In particular, we offer a wide range of services related to call routing. We provide an Answering Service to assist with after-hours calls, the possibility of making your own Audio Recordings to create menu prompts or automated messages, and Call Forwarding with the option to add Virtual Extension. Additionally, we provide businesses with Call Screening and the option to take or to decline the call, the assignment of specific extension numbers to employees, and 911 Emergency Services that will allow rescue to pinpoint your exact physical location.

NocTel.com also offers International Calling capabilities, menu options to help direct your clients to the right places and representatives, Hunt Groups, which allow you to call multiple locations at once, and of course, basic Voicemail. Our Call Routing Service options are available individually to best suit the needs of your business, and are compatible with a variety of devices and phones. Don’t drop another call, accidentally delete an important voice message, or deal with the time-consuming process of manual three-way calling or phone trees. We also offer the option of desk phones, larger conference phone systems, and even smaller WiFi phones. Choose the option that works best for your the needs of your business and employees.

To keep things running smoothly and efficiently in your office, it’s necessary to have a top-notch phone system in place. Contact NocTel today to learn more about which of our services are a good fit for your office environment.