Business VoIP Phone Services For Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner who is based in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States, then is available to provide you with top-notch business VoIP phone service. VoIP is short for “voice over IP.” When you need dependable telecommunications assistance, business VoIP phone service can make a smart and practical choice. At, we’re experts in all diverse matters that pertain to the world of business communications.

Our business VoIP systems are equipped with a wide range of conveniences and benefits. You can speak to the friendly and helpful professionals who represent us to figure out which exact plan is ideal for your business specifically. Call routing features, for example, make a major component of our business phone systems. Examples of our call routing features include call screening, call forwarding, emergency assistance, answering service, voicemail and much more.

Our detailed business phone systems also come equipped with a broad range of handy devices. These include desk and conference phones, portable cordless telephones and mobile extensions. If you need dependable assistance in routing your business calls to the cell phone you already have, for example, our mobile extension service can be extremely handy to you. Your business phone system needs depend on how you like running your company. No two businesses out there have the same exact communication requirements, after all.

If you’re a dedicated and hard-working small business owner who wishes to enhance and streamline your communication systems, then is the perfect solution you need in your life. We can provide you with extensive information that can help you determine the specific plan that you want for your company. We can also give you in-depth details that relate to features such as intercoms, group pagers, forwarding, long distance and more. Call us at for more info on how we can aid your small business.

NocTel Adds HD Fax Feature

NocTel HD Fax allows you to send faxes with your current fax machine or computer using the NocTel VoIP system. Now there is no need to keep an older analog phone line and you can keep your current fax machine. There is nearly no downtime as the setup is fast and easy, just an adapter and setup of the line in the NocTel dashboard.

The NocTel HD fax solution consists of the following components:

  • The FMA (Fax Machine Adapter). This device allows you to use your current fax machine with your NocTel services. Additionally the FMA is a new technology that allows faxes to be sent securely and reliably through NocTel services and skips unreliable and unsecured standard phone lines. If you have multiple offices that use NocTel HD Fax services, your fax transmissions will be encrypted end to end for added security.
  • The phone number and associated fax extension. As with all NocTel services you need to have a phone number from which to send and receive your faxes. You also need the extension type which designates that phone number as a fax line.
  • And the per-minute charge for sent and received faxes which is $0.03 per minute.

To get started we have outlined the costs in a clear and easy to read format below:

  • Fax Machine Adapter – $199.00 ($299.00 MSRP) – One time charge.
  • Phone number and extension – $6.00 per month
  • Per minute charge of $0.03 per minute.

As with all NocTel services we will analyze your current fax expenses and compare them to our system and see if we can save you money. Where most Fax vendors charge per page, we only charge per minute so depending on the volume of faxes you send, you could save even more money.

International Calling With VoIP

The voice over Internet protocol used by many phone services has surpassed the traditional phone industry. International phone calls have a reputation for being spotty and inconsistent. Business calls in the early days of international calling dropped often, but the phone industry has not been able to keep up with Internet phones that are available today. This article shows you why your VoIP service is the perfect way to make international calls.

#1: International Calls Work Like Email
International calls made over a VoIP line are created just like emails. Emails are packets of information that go from one account to another almost instantly. A VoIP phone call placed from one international location to another moves just like an email, and the calls are much more consistent than traditional calls. Your Internet service speed determines the speed of your call connection, but anything is more reliable than a phone line.

#2: Updating Your ISP
You must update your ISP to a faster plan when you plan to use VoIP often. VoIP works with any plan, but a business fiber or ethernet plan will help you get better call quality. Your service provider will help you choose a plan that is suitable for your calling patterns, and you will get faster speeds for your computers. Contact your ISP for help choosing a plan that works with VoIP today. You may even save money by upgrading!

#3: Using The Right Phones
You must use the right phones for your VoIP calls, and a proper VoIP phone system will offer you even better call quality. International calls are much better over a VoIP connection, and the phones you choose will help you maintain your connection in the office. A portable phone that connects with the VoIP server more reliably will help you make calls that sound like they are domestic calls.

#4: Sign Up For The Right VoIP Service
You must sign up for a VoIP service you are comfortable paying for, and the proper VoIP service will help you pay a fair amount for the plan. You may sign up a VoIP service just for international calls, or you may use VoIP for all your calling needs. The best service plan will help you make international calls for less money, and you will get connections that are much more reliable than anything else you can find. You may call your overseas clients easily, and your calls will last for hours at a time.

For more information on how you can achieve excellent quality calls at an affordable price, contact at 503.764.4300. We have plans available to fit businesses of any size. A thousand phones or one phone, we can get you set up and using your new VoIP service in minutes.

VoIP for Business Call Handling

Voice over IP (VoIP) has transformed the communications industry for businesses and individuals. Rather than buying expensive telephone services from the phone company, consumers can use their data connections for phone calls. IP telephone handsets look and work like traditional phone sets, so most people who use VoIP might not notice a difference.

Business VoIP
Business customers have needs that transcend residential phone services. Large numbers of incoming calls, a distributed workforce and call routing needs formerly were only available to large companies with huge budgets. Thanks to VoIP, even the smallest businesses can utilize the most powerful phone features to support their customers. Here you will find some of the features you can enjoy when you buy a VoIP phone system.

On-site installation of your VoIP phone system means you don’t have to sacrifice productive work time to install VoIP. Even better, you don’t need to know anything about VoIP. You only need to make sure you have the Internet bandwidth available to support your business. VoIP experts will install VoiP handsets and help you learn how to configure and manage your phone system. A convenient web-based control panel allows you to manage your phone system from almost anywhere in the world.

Call Handling
VoIP gives companies of all sizes access to call handling features that, in the past, were cost prohibitive. Contact NocTel to get the call handling services and features you need:

  • Answering service. A human can answer your phone calls after hours or during peak times when your employees cannot answer all incoming calls.
  • Audio recordings. You can record your audio messages, voice prompts, and voicemail greetings, or you can buy professionally recorded messages that meet your needs.
  • Call Forwarding. Forward employee extensions to different extensions or external mobile or landline phones.
  • Call Screening. Give your employees the ability to choose which calls they answer.
  • Internal Dialing. Employees can call various extensions directly without tying up an outside phone line. Even between locations!
  • E911 Emergency Calling. Your VoIP phone system has E911 capabilities, so emergency personnel know exactly where to go when needed.
  • Hunt Groups and ACD. Hunt groups allow multiple extensions to ring from a single incoming call. Automatic Call Distribution gives your company call center capabilities that evenly distribute calls to agents and collect performance data.
  • Voicemail. Every VoIP extension can have its voicemail box, customized for each department or employee.

VoIP Gives Small Businesses the Competitive Edge

Voice over IP communications (VoIP) have revolutionized the business world. Features that once belonged only to large companies who could afford Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) now can serve small businesses. Flexible call handling capabilities, including features for hunt groups and ACD groups, help small businesses manage their communications in ways previously thought impossible.

How VoIP Works
VoIP works over data networks, eliminating the need for separate phone and data connections at every workstation. Phone calls routed through the Public Switched Telephone Network usually travel through wires and switches until they arrive at traditional business phone systems for handling. VoIP providers have IP gateways that convert regular phone calls into data packets that travel over data networks to your place of business. Small business owners, managers, and technicians can log into their control panel using a web browser to configure extensions, voice mail, and a variety of other business-related features.

Sometimes, a small business either has particular needs or too much phone traffic to depend solely on a gateway provider. In these cases, phone lines will come directly to the company location and connect to an on-premises VoIP gateway, often called a VoIP phone system. The phone system converts the phone calls to data packets and routes them as needed. A local VoIP phone system often costs more than a hosted solution, but can give companies more control over call management.

Global Access
VoIP opens many new opportunities for small businesses. For example, a mobile sales force can directly access the company phone system, setting up extensions in motel rooms, cars, or smartphones. Similarly, businesses can hire remote workers from anywhere on earth and communicate with them as though they were in the same building. Company owners can program remote workers into unified call centers that can handle customer service and technical support calls in ways that mimic large corporate call centers.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) merges phone calls with computer software to provide automated contact management, conference calling, call recording and other features. Software programs called Soft Phones can turn ordinary computers into robust business phones, without the need for a separate telephone. Other software turns computers into switchboards, conference bridges, and ACD managers.

VoIP communications offer your small business endless possibilities. Schedule a meeting with a NocTel sales engineer that can design system configurations and services that will meet your needs and your budget.