How Do You Setup VoIP Service After Switching From The Phone Company?

Setting up VoIP service in your office is easier when you understand the change you are making. You have given up service with the phone company, and you must plan for the change as best as possible. You are either turning your traditional phones into Internet phones, or you may need brand new phones to support the service in your office. We explain how to make the change to VoIP after you have spent years with the phone company.

#1: New Phones
You need phones that are Internet capable in your office, and you may have phones with Ethernet jacks already. A phone system that cannot connect to the Internet is incompatible with VoIP, and you must purchase phones that will connect directly to your wall jacks. Phone that are made for your VoIP system will offer better service speeds, and you may purchase phones directly from NocTel.

#2: Accessible Ethernet Jacks
Every office needs accessible Internet jacks for the office, and you will connect your phones to the jacks in the wall. You may connect to your computer from the phone, and you will have a loop of Internet connectivity that runs from the wall through your phone to the computer. You may contact an installer for assistance with new jacks, or you may have your current jacks retrofitted with Ethernet connectivity. Every part of your office must be conducive to using Internet phones, and you must work with an installer to outfit each office properly.

#3: Adding Intercom Systems
In some offices, the intercom system in your office helps you to communicate with every employee at once, and your VoIP system is compatible with phones that connect to your intercom system. You are not giving up your intercom system when you switch to VoIP, and you will maintain the same level of communication you had in the office.

#4: Portable Phones
The VoIP phones you purchase may be portable, and portable VoIP phones will help you walk around the office as you talk. A VoIP service helps you save money, but older VoIP phones are not portable. A new VoIP phone system will accept a portable phone connection, and you may use your VoIP package just like the plan you had with the phone company.

Changing to VoIP service in the future will help you save money but you must set up your office properly. Using these steps will prepare you for your change to a new VoIP plan.

Using VoIP to Increase Company Productivity and Cost Effectiveness

Every business owner desires a way to cut the costs for their business. Switching from traditional telephone service providers to a VoIP provider like NocTel is the best way to save money, increase efficiency and productivity. Modern businesses can benefit from the many features VoIP service provides. Some of the top features that a provider can give are:

Call Forwarding for Travelers
Call forwarding is a service that can be quite helpful when associates are on the move. Associates or managers can have all of their phone calls forwarded to a different line while they are conducting business. In the real estate world, this is a win-win because clients can contact you from your office phones wherever you are.

Call Screening to See Who’s Calling
Call screening is helpful because it can reduce the amount of non-productive phone calls. Call screening works well for identifying people who call and then hang up, as well.

Conference Calling
Conference calling is a crucial element of any job that conducts sales or frequent customer contact. Conference calling allows sales personnel and their managers to keep in touch no matter where they are. Employees, management staff members and customers can all speak to each other using the conference calling feature.

Number Porting
Number porting allows a business to move its existing number to a service provider that gives it all the features that it needs. Such number portability protects the company’s consumer base so that it can stay intact through transitions and changes in their phone system and providers.

Toll-Free Phone Numbers
Toll-free numbers have amazing benefits because they can help a business to cater to customers outside the local calling area. Toll-free customers remove the cost and the burden from the consumers and leave them as the business’s responsibility. However, the business will not see much budget damage because of the refreshingly low cost of VoIP access.

Intricate Call Logs
A business may need to look at call logs for a wide variety of reasons. Someone may need to get in touch with a customer who no longer does business with the firm. Finding a number may be necessary for a legal appointment, as well. Detailed call logs can cut down the efforts that the company has to make to find the expired information.

So Much More
NocTel has an extensive array of services to offer other than the previously stated services. An interested party can contact us by dialing 503-764-4300, toll free at 888-400-4521 or emailing

How Do You Set Up Your Office Phones For VoIP?

Setting up your office phones to work with your VoIP service is a simple process. You have saved quite a bit of money using a VoIP phone service, but you must have office phones that are easy to use. This article explains four easy steps you can take to make each office ready for your new VoIP service.

#1: Have Ethernet Jacks Nearby
The Ethernet jacks in your offices must be attached to or very close to your traditional phone jacks. You will use an Ethernet cable to attach your phone to the wall, and you may run a cable from your phone to computer. This simple connection is made much simpler when the Ethernet jack is in same position as the phone jack. You will set up your office in the same manner as before, and the layout of the room will not change.

#2: Check Your Service Speed
The service speeds for your Internet service provider must be reviewed before you choose to use VoIP. A slow service will cause your phone calls to be sluggish, and you will not get all the benefits of the VoIP service. You may upgrade your business account with the ISP, or you may change to a service provider who can offer you a better signal. Slow speeds will give you a bad impression of the beauty of VoIP.

#3: Purchase Special Phones
You may purchase special phones to connect with your VoIP service, and these phones will automatically sync with the service plan you have selected. These phones are designed to work specifically with a VoIP connection, and the phones come in wired and wireless styles. You can use a portable phone in a small office, or you can use a wired phone in all your traditional offices. You may purchase a large set of phones, or you can find a single phone for your small business.

#4: Choose An Affordable Plan
The setup of your office is meaningless if you are not using an affordable plan. Select a plan that you feel comfortable paying for every month, and change your plan when you need to add extra lines in the office. The plan you choose is just for your office, and you are free to alter it any time.

Using a VoIP service in your office helps you receive better call quality, and you can contact anyone overseas at a much lower rate. VoIP provides you with every phone service you need, but you pay for less for the service on every call.