Why Does Your Small Business Need VoIP Service?

You may consider your small business outside the realm of technological advancement, but you are not exempt from changes in technology that will help you update your company for the 21st Century. Communications are absolutely essential for your business, and every member of your staff must have reliable communication tools at their desks. VoIP services, like those provided by NocTel, will help your small business impress customers from around the world during every phone call.

#1: Does VoIP Mirror The Phone Company
VoIP is nearly the same as the service the phone company offers you. You may set up a voicemail account for every phone number, and you will plug your phones into a jack in the wall. VoIP uses an Internet connection to make telephone calls, and the calls are routed through the Internet to customers around the world. VoIP differs from the phone company once you begin making calls.

#2: Call Quality
The call quality over a VoIP service is much clearer than that which you get with the phone company. The phone company’s service will become spotty when there is bad weather, and you can avoid problems with your service when you have connected to VoIP. The VoIP signal is not harmed by bad weather, and you can hold calls in the middle of a major storm without interruption.

#3: International Calls
Making calls to international clients is difficult when you are using services from your local telephone company. The phone company can help you place the calls, but the line to an international call through VoIP is much stronger. Information packets that create phone calls online travel much faster than international calls with traditional phone lines.

Ask your VoIP provider for a list of rates for international calls, and you should call your clients to hear the difference in call quality. You can get more calling done in a day, and your clients can hear you even when they are halfway across the world.

VoIP calling for your small business impresses everyone you run into in the course of your day. The people you work with overseas must be able to hear you when you call, and your associates need something reliable for their own phone calls. Ask your VoIP operator today how you can set up a plan that will help you make reliable phone calls to any part of the work without worrying about spotty call quality over long distances.

VoIP Services Helps Your Small Business Save Money

Voice over IP, or VoIP, is one of those technological advances that came along and changed everything. Back in the “old days” businesses used to get hammered by the telephone company. They had to have a phone for their business operations and they had no choice at all of features and vendors. You literally had to take what the phone company dished out. The phone company charged for everything, including local calls, long distance calls, and toll-free service. Before long your bill could reach the stratosphere. When VoIP service was made widely available to businesses of all sizes that changed forever.

These days, business owners are in the driver’s seat when it comes to VoIP services for your company. You can choose from any number of reasonably priced packages that provide you with all the features you need. Call management has never been easier. All business owners need to do is log in to their web-based interface and manage their settings. They can change their configuration whenever and however needed.

If you want additional services like after-hours answering, it’s a simple upgrade. Costs with VoIP are always reasonable, especially when compared to traditional alternatives. Your small business can benefit greatly from an answering service that routes your calls. Recent surveys have shown that 80% of people who call a business and have their call dropped, even if is by accident, will never call back. Instead, they just keep calling businesses in the vertical until they reach someone who can help them. Call answering services stop this from happening at your business.

Other helpful services worth considering include call forwarding, audio recording, call screening, and much more. You will be amazed at just how advanced VoIP telephone options really are. Your small business will have the same features that a huge enterprise does for very reasonable fees. VoIP services allow you to compete with the “big guys.”

If you process phone calls from outside your local area, toll-free phone numbers allow your clients and customers to call you for free.

You can always start small and then add on services if you desire. Small businesses need to be able to expand at will, without locking themselves into long-term, disastrous contracts. That’s exactly what VoIP service empowers you to do. You are in charge of your phone experience and you pay for only the features that are essential to your business success.

Customized Caller ID Names as a Prospecting Tool

As people make the jump from traditional telephones to using cell phones exclusively, many are screening their calls more aggressively. Initiatives such as the National Do Not Call Registry have left folks seeing unwanted calls as personal affronts!

What to do? How can VoIP telephone systems help?
Caller ID is a built-in “gatekeeper” many people rely on to save time and dodge sales calls. If you want to use caller ID to your advantage as a small business owner, it is crucial to find a way to make it an extension of your brand.

That’s where a customizable caller ID name comes in.
Most caller ID systems display names based on an internal roster of information that can cause your company’s name to display incorrectly. The only way to make sure you will be identifiable at a glance is to use a customizable caller ID name.

There are many situations where this can be valuable:
1) To Follow Up After a Prospect Contacts You

Many products and services are best sold through a conventional telephone call. When someone volunteers his or her phone number to you, it’s a clear sign of interest. Your representatives will save time and be more likely to move a prospect through the sales funnel if they are able to follow up fast — and a custom caller ID name helps.

2) To Bypass B2B Gatekeepers

If you are an “old hand” at making prospecting calls, you probably know some tricks for getting past administrative assistants and to decision-makers with purchasing authority. Even if you get through, however, that’s no guarantee you’ll be able to chat right away. Having a custom caller ID display name makes your contact more likely to pick up your future calls.

3) To Improve Your Branding

There will certainly be situations where you have to call a prospect “out of the blue.” They may need to be exposed to your message six, seven or eight times before they are ready to buy. Each time they encounter your brand name, you are that much closer to reaching “top of mind,” so even subtle details communicate professionalism.

In today’s business world, sales are won and lost based on first impressions. To be seen as a reliable and trustworthy partner, every aspect of your brand should work together — and a customized caller ID shows pride and attention to detail.

NocTel can help you create a customized caller ID solution for your business. The ability to update Caller ID is built into our unique control panel. Please contact us if you have more questions about how caller ID can work for you.