VoIP Telecommunications for Business

The primary features of the Internet are its utility as a communications medium, and the well-engineered nature of the Internet Protocol (IP). It stands to reason some of the most valuable services being made available through IP communications are for voice. These services are collectively known as VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.

Because VoIP services are engineered to take advantage of Internet protocols, they can be marshaled, deployed and managed just like data networking services. This provides a flexibility with nearly unlimited range. Everything that makes data networking more resilient and more reliable using Internet protocol improves voice communications on a one to one equivalency.

Many of the VoIP industry’s leading companies make services available in a comprehensive package including standard options like a control panel and answering services and include other options at minimal charge that previously would have required additional equipment and considerable additional cost.

The reason these kinds of services are so much easier to make available now is because voice services and data services can be combined into programmable options. An answering service, for example, from a programming and data engineering standpoint is no different than an e-mail relay and autoresponder. In fact, adapting the e-mail version to voice is likely the best way to build such a system because of the nature of the communications process. Whether e-mail or voice, it’s all simply ones and zeroes. For the Voice over Internet Protocol system, the only challenge is to modify the programming to manage the voice recordings instead of plain text e-mail messages.

Other more complex services like “hunt groups,” where multiple phones can ring at once after being activated by a single call, or programmable IVR Auto-Attendants, which give callers the option to navigate your company via customizable menus, have data engineering equivalents as well. These services can be enormously powerful when combined with other Internet technologies like video conferencing, remote presentations, many-to-many discussion groups and live product demonstrations.

The business world has grown considerably through the use of advanced communications technologies like VoIP, and service providers have built impressive portfolios of standard services alongside many kinds of new offerings that combine the power of Internet Protocols with the wide-ranging flexibility of programmable data management. For most company’s needs, business VoIP solutions offer competitive cost structures and open-ended, customizable capabilities.

Affordable Communication Options for Businesses in Olympia

For business owners in Olympia, finding affordable communication solutions and services is often a paramount concern. Conventional phone services that offer advanced features such as an answering service, call screening and forwarding or multiple-ring hunt groups may come at a cost your business may be unable to afford. Making the switch to VoIP communications services can allow you to reduce overhead spending without giving up any of the features and services that you have come to rely upon in the course of your day to day operations.

Affordable Solutions for Quality Communications
With a population of just over a quarter million, Olympia’s growing economy and relatively affordable cost of doing business makes it an ideal location for startups and small businesses. Ranked within the top 50 places for small businesses by Forbes Magazine, businesses based in and around Olympia often find themselves hard pressed to stand out from the competition. Reducing monthly expenses and utilizing a more versatile and convenient communication service can do much to curb overhead and ensure that your business is able to free up financial resources that may be better spent on other areas of operation and expansion.

Updating Your Communications Options and Services
With enhanced call quality and a wide range of features that conventional telephone services may not always be able to offer, VoIP communications options have come a long way in just a few short years. Relying on outdated services or paying too much to provide your staff with access to the features and options they need to stay in touch could be costing your business far more than you might realize. The convenience and flexibility that VoIP can provide may not be an asset that new businesses and smaller organisations can afford to overlook.

Making the Switch
Professional on-site installation and features like a web-based control panel that provides a quick and easy way to access and utilize your communications services, making the switch to VoIP has never been easier. Failing to keep pace with changing technology can strain your budget or limit the services and opportunities available to your staff and employees. The greater flexibility, lower price point and expanded range of features that VoIP communications services are able to offer can make them a valuable resource for small business owners in search of a greater value or a communications solution better suited to the needs of their organization.

Accessing Detailed Call Logs For Your Office and International Calling

Accessing Detailed Call Logs For Your Office and International Calling
One of the most important aspects of running any business is the level of customer service provided to those who purchase products or services from that particular company. If a customer calls to complain about something or a phone call didn’t go exactly right, the NocTel VoIP system can bring up the call logs to be reviewed. As the IT professional in charge of the phone systems at your office, the manager or business owner will likely ask you to complete this task for them.

Accessing Detailed Call Logs
Accessing detailed call logs is relatively simple. First, log into the control panel and navigate towards the “call log section”. Hover over the selection with your mouse and click the link. The detailed call logs should come up and you can begin to print them.

If you don’t want all of the call logs, you can filter the logs by date, time, disposition and length. Once you’ve filtered the call logs, you can then print the logs and use them if any one-on-one customer service coaching is needed at a later date.

As a company, NocTel tracks and stores every call so that users can access the calls at a later date.

International Calling
At some point, you’ll likely have to conduct business with people located overseas. Unlike most cell phone carriers who block calls heading overseas because of cost issues, the NocTel system allows users to review international calling rates and make their call as needed. No phone number blocking is necessary and rates are affordable.

It’s best to remember that the international calling feature does not work until the phone system administrator calls NocTel support to request that the international feature is not blocked for the office phone.

NocTel provides up-to-date call logs for every account as a way for administrators to keep track of phone expenses, how many minutes are being used by each employee and whether or not employees are calling personal numbers on a regular basis.

As a leading provider of business VoIP communication systems the northwest part of the United States, customers can enjoy clear and crisp phone service for affordable monthly prices.